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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What kind of people do YOU work well with?

Friday I had a job interview as a paralegal at a bankruptcy firm, it seemed like a great laid back place, so I was pretty excited to get called back for a second interview. To give a description of this attorney would be pointless because he was definitely not your average lawyer, so I'm just going to tell you how many first place motorcycle racing trophies he had on the wall in the conference room. Five. I've never heard of an attorney who owned a motorcycle, god forbid racing one, and displaying the trophies in his conference room. That would go over great with a bankruptcy judge. "Your honor, we will have to delay my hearing, my attorney was driving his motorcycle home from the bar last night a bit . . . tipsy, he hit a telephone pole going 120. so yea, he's kinda dead"
But to get to the story;
Interview was going great, about 45 minutes in they asked me what type of people I clash with at work. I thought about it for a minute, and you have to understand, I felt like I had a pretty good read on his sense of humor, and he was a really athletic guy, so was everyone in the office. So my well timed response was something like, "grossly overweight middle-aged women with no sense of humor."
I would have kept going with the addition of "you know, the ones that come to work every day with at least 100 new photos of their kid, (also grossly overweight) and want to show you every. single. one. like "OMG LOOK AT THIS ONE SHES EATING A WATERMELON"
They both bursted into laughter, followed by him offering a little constructive criticism where he sternly looked at me, like my dad would after a campfire experiment got out of control, and said "yea I would NEVER use that in an interview again."
So I called them on Monday after hearing nothing, they said they had chosen someone else for the job. I'm okay with this though, I doubt it was because of my wonderfully articulated and honest comment, It was definitely because they thought that the tits on the blonde girl who got interviewed before me would be more of an asset to the firm.

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