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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thank You, Segway.

Here is a bit of news that I find entertaining, mostly just because its a rich old British man dying in a hilarious ironic way, but also because it brings to mind a serious question.

Last weekend the CEO of the company that makes Segway's was out on a leisurely stroll, or whatever you call it when you're cruising around your 600 acre estate on your space age scooter, when he lost control of his segway and it careened off of a cliff into the raging waters of a river 80 feet below. Now, no one knows his motives, BUT, I think we can conclude that since there is no viral video of it on youtube yet that it was not meant as a publicity stunt for the company. I like to think the company was in the middle of a coup, as the CEO he was about to be replaced because of their horrible sales. This was his best idea of how to go out with a bang and simultaneously give a big F U to his mutinous board of directors. If it was an accident, then the last thought through his head was definitely; "why did I spend so much time inventing scooters instead of a jet-pack?"
But this got me thinking, coup or no, he died doing what he loved, riding his little scooter invention around his backyard.
I hope I live to be that long, and to make however much £160m is in REAL money, and I hope to die like he did, doing what I love. Which is the real reason for this entire post, I was just trying to find an excuse to put up this awesome picture.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blogging away my virginity

So .  . . first time I've done this. I'm just going to get it over quick and go home so its not awkward.

I want to make it important and meaningful, so I'm going to write about something I'm passionate about.

My office has always had the kind of sticky notes where the top side of the stack of sticky notes is always the side that is sticky.

I went upstairs to get more sticky notes today, and now they only have the kind that alternate top and bottom being the sticky side. WTF Clearwire . . thats the end of all those marvelous cartoon flip books.